All 6000 Mosques to go 100% solar in Jordan

 Solar Industry is experiencing a boom right now. Governments and Companies are desperate to make the best use of renewables. Even Mosques are not leaving behind the race to harness clean energy.

The Jordan Government is planning to power all the Mosques around the country with solar panels. A joint collaboration between Jordan’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and its Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs will initially power 120 mosques with solar roof top panels. The project aims to power all of 6000 Mosques in Jordan.

Generally, all mosques have 5 regulars prayers a day. So the energy consumption goes up, lighting up the mosques.  Moreover air-condition are also provided inside the rooms with bills running up to $1400 on electricity bills per month in Jordan to power up a Mosque.  The country’s shift to renewable energy will definitely decrease the mass consumption of electricity by Mosques.

Jordon imports 96% of its energy from its fossil fuel rich neighbouring countries.  This five-year project is just one of Jordon’s effort to decrease its crude imports. Jordon’s ministry of energy has set a target of obtaining 10% of the country’s energy needs from renewables by 2020.  

Jordan is not alone in powering up its Mosques from renewables, a village called Büyükeceli in Turkey was the first one to install solar panels in its mosques. 

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