Renewable Energy provided 50% of Scotland’s Electricity in 2015

The Scottish government target of achieving 50 per cent of gross consumption of electricity from renewables by 2015 has come to reality. According to a new data published last week, renewable provided 49.7 percent of Scotland’s electricity demand in 2014 which means that the 50 percent target was achieved almost a year earlier.

Renewable energy have gone past both nuclear (33 per cent) and fossil fuels (28 per cent) in generating electricity for Scotland.

In a press release Scotland’s Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said:

  “Today’s figures show that Scotland’s renewables sector is stronger than ever and our early adoption of clean, green energy technology and infrastructure was the right thing to do. It is fantastic news that renewables are now Scotland’s biggest electricity generator, and that nearly half of gross electricity consumption comes from renewables.

Scotland has always been renewable friendly. When the UK government proposed of building a nuclear plant in 2006, the Scottish National party openly apposed it.

According to The Scottish Government Website, the government plans to get 100% electricity and 11% heat demand from renewables by 2020.

Renewable energy has almost become a hot trend for countries to embrace because of its mass benefits. The countries who have ran effective clean energy policies quiet early are already reaping its fruitful results. Recently, Costa Rica announced that 99% of its electricitycame from renewables while Uruguay’s 95% electricity also came from clean energy sources in 2015.

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